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Who we are

LAROSA Pillows is on the forefront of innovation in foam pillows design and production of a wide range of quality products, in partnership with ISC, Romania. All our MEMORY pillows are made of polyurethane foam using COSYPUR technology

Foam Pillows Features

Memory foam as the new generation of a healthier and comfortable sleep where we experience better moods, wake up feeling more refreshed and better concentration through the day.

Its high resilient polyurethane foam, non-toxic, non-allergenic and being made from the material that does not contain CFC (chloro-fluoro-carbides) and other pollutants for the environment.

“Perfect For Side, Back & Stomach Sleepers”

Types of foam

In Snuggly, we do offer two types of foam formation:

Breathable Face

the surface and formation of the foam is made with pin holes creates small tunnels that promotes air movements throughout the pillow.

Smooth Face

Standard surface of a pillow formation that has special molding effect that provides unique comfort and support, that conforms to the body during sleep.

Two Pillow Shapes & Sizes

Every sleeper will enjoy what will take his sleeping quality to a higher level of comfy and deep sleep. while addressing all sleepers regardless of sleeping positions and sides, with differences in pillows hardness and softness and veriety of ages and sizes.

4 Types of Pillow Fabrics

Four types of stylish fabric with unique feeling as you touch.

The waves on the fabric will deliver to you a relaxing relief from feeling pain and pressure. Provides medium to soft comfort level hygienically covered with mesh inner lining.

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