finally, Say Goodbye To Neck and back pain....

Snuggly Memory Foam Pillows: Re-Engineered For A good night sleep

Wake up Every morning and experience the sensation of freshness...

Chose your Snuggly Pillows from four amazing fabric covers: Aleo Vera, Anti-stress, Fresco, and Snuggly Fabric, designed in-house.

“Perfect For Side, Back & Stomach Sleepers”

Types of foam

Snuggly pillow come in two types of foam formations: Breathable Surface & Smooth Surface

Breathable Face

the surface and formation of the foam is made with pin holes creates small tunnels that promotes air movements throughout the pillow.

Smooth Face

Standard surface of a pillow formation that has special molding effect that provides unique comfort and support, that conforms to the body during sleep.

Two Shapes – Saponetta & Doppia Onda.

Saponetta is a “Classic Shape Pillow” and Doppia Onda is a “Wave Shaped Pillow”.
Every sleeper will appreciate Snuggly Memory Foam Pillows since they will improve your sleeping quality and allow you to sleep soundly and deeply all night.

With changes in pillow hardness and softness, as well as a variety of ages and sizes, we made sure to cater to all sleepers regardless of sleeping positions and sides.