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Memory foam Pillow Classic conforms to your individual shape and supports your head and neck for a restful night’s sleep. The Anti -Stress cover adds an extra layer of comfort and can be machine washed for convenience.

Saponetta – Classic Shape Pillow


An innovative pillow that responds to your movements.

High Quality Viscoelastic Memory Foam


Frequently asked questions

Why use memory foam pillows and not any regular pillow?

Unlike other pillows Memory foam are medical pillows that helps in reducing neck and back pain, it is also dust resistant, non-allergic and it molds with body position.

What size is best for me?

There are two sizes, classic size and king size, classic size is the standard pillow size and king size is a bit bigger, the classic being preferably for women while the king size is preferably for men.

Which pillow type is best for me?

Depends on which side you sleep on, if you are a side and face sleeper the best pillow for you is the “Saponetta”, and if you are a back sleeper “Doppia Onda” is the best pillow.

Will a memory foam pillow get softer?

Yes, memory foam will get softer because of body heat. That helps the material adapt to the body and reduce pressure points.

What is the difference between BreathEasy and Smooth

“BreathEasy” has breathable holes that will maintain air circulation and keep the pillow cool all night, it also makes the pillow more squishy and comfier, it also tends to make the pillow softer, while “Smooth”, it does not have breathable holes so it keeps more heat from your body and it makes the pillow a bit harder.

What is the difference between the fabrics

Every fabric has it is touch and feel, but there is no real different abort from the color and the texture it has, all of them are breathable fabrics with high quality material, and its machine washable.

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